And so it begins

Well after a few years off I’ve decided to start blogging again.  What’s brought this on I hear you ask?  Well pull up a chair and let me explain…

About 5 years ago I quite my job and started out as freelance software developer.  This was a big change in my life and I’ve learnt a lot over the past few years.  I’ve gone from having a fairly narrow skill set as a WPF developer to being a multi disciplined, highly skilled developer with experience across a broad spectrum of industries and tech stacks.  All good stuff as I’m sure you’d agree!

One of my main motivations for being a contractor all those years ago was that I bore easily!  I learn quickly and then need to move onto something new.  Contracting fits well with this and exposes me to allot more that I even dreamed possible as a permanent employee.  Fast forward to 2019 and I find myself kicking my heals and looking for a new challenge!  I’m still contracting but need something else to get my teeth into.  Time to become an author!

Writing books is hard they say.  Damn right.  Everything about publishing is difficult which is why I started easy.   At the back end of 2018 I approached a few publishing companies and asked if they needed technical reviewers for any of their upcoming titles. I stuck gold straight away when the good people at Apress asked if I would review a title for them.

Pro .NET Framework with the Base Class Library: Understanding the Virtual Execution System and the Common Type System 

This book was a baptism of fire – getting used to the publishing process, the deadlines and understanding the topics of the book – A real eye opener and a huge pleasure to do.  So much so that I wanted to do another straight away!

I’ve now worked on a few books as well as a few video courses and I’m in the process of writing my own video course on Azure Cognitive Services.  I also have a book in the works as well. (watch this space)

It looks like 2019 is going to be a very busy year!